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Gráinne invited a group of 34 friends and raised cash for her husband’s Birthday Party.

Birthday gifts

birthday gift
Kyzen's 1st Birthday created by: Reeta

Zane started to use his cousins trampoline aged 1 and it unquestionably helped with his dexterity as well as given him countless hours of fun!

Raised: £500raised cash

Charitable cause

Sarah Donation Page
Sarah Donation Page created by: Carlie

As most of you already know, our friend and classmate, Sarah Toney, was involved in a horrific car crash that almost took her life. Fortunately, she is recovering...

Raised: £1600raised cash

Fund projects

Donations Page For Asperclick
Donations Page For Asperclick created by: Willow

We set this up instead of a button on the site because we didn't want it to detract from the atmosphere. The amount we've set covers the start up fee for the software and hosting

Raised: £340Fund projects

Travel funds

Immortal Guardian Brazilian Tour
Immortal Guardian Brazilian Tour created by: Brett

It is with great excitement that we announce our first ever international dates in the great country of BRAZIL, and we need YOU, Guardians of the Shred, in order to make it possible!!!

Raised: $615Travel funds

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Now you can buy a great gift or group fund a cause or project.

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Whether you need to fundraise for your trip abroad to help save the gorillas in Uganda or you simply want to run a half marathon in aid of a loved one or for a charitable cause Shareagift is here to help you achieve your goal. Shareagift is the fundraising platform created to help you fundraise for whatever you see fit.

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If you and your friends are planning a trip to the party island of Ibiza or a relaxing weekend away in San Francisco then Shareagift is here to help Group Fund your trip. Simply create a Shareagift page and share it with your friends to that you can all focusing on the excitement of your trip as opposed to organizing the payment of it.

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