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Gráinne invited a group of 34 friends and raised cash for her husband’s Birthday Party.

How it works

1. Create a Page

Setup easily a fundraising page for your campaign and add your PayPal.

2. Invite Friends

Choose the group of friends from your contact list and Social Networks.

3. Raise Cash

Your friends can chip in and you will collect the funds on your account.


Now you can buy a great gift or group fund a cause or project.

Fundraise for anything!

Whether you need to fundraise for your trip abroad to help save the gorillas in Uganda or you simply want to run a half marathon in aid of a loved one or for a charitable cause Shareagift is here to help you achieve your goal. Shareagift is the fundraising platform created to help you fundraise for whatever you see fit.

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Group fund any dream

If you and your friends are planning a trip to the party island of Ibiza or a relaxing weekend away in San Francisco then Shareagift is here to help Group Fund your trip. Simply create a Shareagift page and share it with your friends to that you can all focusing on the excitement of your trip as opposed to organizing the payment of it.

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The page has been amazing, I can share it around on my Facebook and I can email the link for others to share, its really good!
It’s amazing how much people are pulling together, I’m so thankful for them all!
- Sammi Bond -

We raised 4 times more than we anticipated with Shareagift!
My thought process went something like this: “I wish there was a way to create a donations page, like how you would give to a sponsored run, but for a group present” and then I found Shareagift.
The page has been crucial in collecting the money. It has made such a difference for people to see what they are giving to and the progress of our target – I am sure that we wouldn’t have raised half as much without this page.
- Joanna Kyte -

We really felt comfortable in Shareagift's ability to make our friends and family feel secure about their donations as well as the ease of making transactions.
- Gaurav & Svetlana -

We think Shareagift is a great platform to raise money for charitable causes and will definitely look to leverage it again more frequently for them. Generally I think the world could do with a lot more karmic thought and action.
- Gaurav & Svetlana -