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Kasondra on Vacation created by: Shadia

Kasondra’s friends decided she needed a break so they set up a page for her birthday and managed to collect enough money to send her and a friend away to a BnB by the coast for a long weekend.

Raised: $200

Immortal Guardian Brazilian Tour created by: Brett

It is with great excitement that we announce our first ever international dates in the great country of BRAZIL, and we need YOU, Guardians of the Shred, in order to make it possible!!!

Raised: $615

Dave’s New Keyboard created by: Joanna

Joanna decided to raise money with friends for a leaving gift for Dave who was moving to Germany. She set an exaggerated goal of £1000 and managed to raise 105% of her target in just 9 days!

Raised: £1050

Wedding & Honeymoon created by: Kiran

Jasmine and Kiran used Shareagift to raise cash for their honeymoon. They asked friends and family to contribute towards their page rather than buying them wedding gifts.

Raised: £120

Charitable Cause
Sarah Donation Page created by: Carlie

As most of you already know, our friend and classmate, Sarah Toney, was involved in a horrific car crash that almost took her life. Fortunately, she is recovering...

Raised: £1600

Group Activities
Fantasy Football Leagues created by: Igor

Igor and Joe used Shareagift to collect funds for their Fantasy Football League competition from friends all across the world. They created a page, invited their friends and were able to collect the pot in no time!

Raised: £180

Charitable Cause
Nepal Earthquake Victims created by: Gaurav

After visiting Nepal, Gaurav and Lana decided that they would ask their wedding guests for donations to their page rather than any gifts, in order to help those suffering from the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake.

Raised: £1600

Kyzen's 1st Birthday created by: Reeta

Zane started to use his cousins trampoline aged 1 and it unquestionably helped with his dexterity as well as given him countless hours of fun!

Raised: £500

How it works

1. Create a Page

Setup easily a fundraising page for your campaign and add your PayPal.

2. Invite Friends

Choose the group of friends from your contact list and Social Networks.

3. Raise Cash

Your friends can chip in and you will collect the funds on your account.


Now you can buy a great gift or group fund a cause or project.

Fundraise for anything!

Whether you need to fundraise for your trip abroad to help save the gorillas in Uganda or you simply want to run a half marathon in aid of a loved one or for a charitable cause Shareagift is here to help you achieve your goal. Shareagift is the fundraising platform created to help you fundraise for whatever you see fit.

You can fundraise in almost any country and set your page in US Dollars, British Pounds or Euros.

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Group fund any dream!

If you and your friends are planning a trip to the party island of Ibiza or a relaxing weekend away in San Francisco then Shareagift is here to help Group Fund your trip. Simply create a Shareagift page and share it with your friends to that you can all focusing on the excitement of your trip as opposed to organizing the payment of it.

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Send a group Greeting Card!

You can add a greeting card to your campaign, allow everyone to collaboratively chip in and get a great looking group greeting card with a custom cover and everyone's messages.
Shareagift is the one-stop shop for all your gifting needs.

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Shareagift MPS Charity Campaign Coverage

Interviews with Justine Angelli, ShareAGift CEO, Dr Brian Bigger, Medical Genetics at the University of Manchester, and Gemma Nelson, mother of Sanfilippo sufferer 2 year old Jack on raising the £580,000 needed for clinical trials to help children with MPS get the treatment they need in the UK on BBC North West Tonight.

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