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How it works

fundraising page

Create a Page

Setup easily a fundraising page for your campaign and connect your PayPal.

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invite people

Invite and Promote

Choose the group of friends from your contact list and Social Networks.

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raise cash

Raise Cash online

Your friends can chip in and you will collect the funds on your account.

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collect funds

Collect funds

Manage your funds and then buy a great gift or fund a cause or project.

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group greeting card

Group Greeting Card

Custom folded 5x7" card with everyone's messages.

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fundraising pligin

Website Plugin

Get the code and embed it on your website to promote your fundraiser.

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Comments & Messages

Discuss about the gift or leave a greeting or thank you message.

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social sharing

Social Media Sharing

Use the social sharing tools to promote your gift page.

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Fundraise for anything!

Whether you need to fundraise for your trip abroad to help save the gorillas in Uganda or you simply want to run a half marathon in aid of a loved one or for a charitable cause Shareagift is here to help you achieve your goal. Shareagift is the fundraising platform created to help you fundraise for whatever you see fit.

You can fundraise in almost any country and set your page in US Dollars, British Pounds or Euros.

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fundraising page

Group fund any dream!

If you and your friends are planning a trip to the party island of Ibiza or a relaxing weekend away in San Francisco then Shareagift is here to help Group Fund your trip. Simply create a Shareagift page and share it with your friends so that you all can focus on the excitement of your trip as opposed to organizing the payment of it.

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Send a group Greeting Card!

You can add a greeting card to your campaign, allow everyone to collaboratively chip in and get a great looking group greeting card with a custom cover and everyone's messages.
Shareagift is the one-stop shop for all your gifting needs.

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group greeting card

Embedable plugin!

The website plugin is a piece of code that you can easily generate from your campaign page and use it to drive more users. You can choose from the three available styles.

After copying the generated code you can embed it on your website or blog to display relevant information about your fundraising page.

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website plugin

Shareagift MPS Charity Campaign Coverage

Interviews with Justine Angelli, ShareAGift CEO, Dr Brian Bigger, Medical Genetics at the University of Manchester, and Gemma Nelson, mother of Sanfilippo sufferer 2 year old Jack on raising the £580,000 needed for clinical trials to help children with MPS get the treatment they need in the UK on BBC North West Tonight.

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