How it all started

“We’ve all been asked to chip in to a gift for a friend at some point. We built a Fundraise service to make it fun and hassle-free!”

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If you’ve ever tried to organise a group gift yourself you’ll know how difficult it can be! A few years ago, Shareagift founder, Justine, was asked to chip in for a new laptop for her aunt’s birthday. Her cousin was in charge of collecting money from firends and family, and she had a nightmare trying to organise it. So Justine had an idea to build a fundraise service that would make it really easy, secure, and fun for groups of friends to raise cash online to buy gifts or any charitable cause.

A Place to Show They Care

Since its launch, the site has been used by communities of friends and colleagues all over the world. It has been used to send marrying couples on their honeymoons, finance replacement items lost as a result of theft, put local plays into production, art in parks, support loved ones suffering with illness, and celebrate birthdays, births and marriages. It’s been used to say thank you to teachers at the end of the year, fund students through college and to congratulate them on their graduation.

It has been a regular feature in the offices of such branded blue chips companies as Tesco, HSBC, Exxonmobile, Barclaycard and IBM to say goodbye to cherished colleagues moving on to new jobs or starting new phases in life and retiring.