How to Validate a PayPal Account

In this video you'll learn how to edit a campaign's page PayPal account and validate it.

You'll find information about common setup issues and how to solve them.

There's also a guide on how to verify an account directly on PayPal's website.

Step by step instructions



You have to sign in to your account by clicking 'Login' on the top right menu.

Fill in you email and password and then click the 'Sign in' button.

visit page

Visit your campaign page

From the the dashboard you can select the page from your 'Recent Fundraisers' list and click the 'Visit' button.

If you have a validationnotification on your list you can hit its 'Visit' button to navigate directly to the account.

not ready

Edit the PayPal account

You'll notice the 'Not ready ' peeled corner near a greyed out 'Contribute' button. It means that your PayPal requires Validation and/or Verification.

Bellow on page tools you'll find a PayPal red-colored button, so click it to edit the page's account.

edit paypal

Account not validated

The red warning gives you hints on the most common validation and verification issues:

- Your names don't match the ones you signed up on PayPal;
- You may have pending verifications on your PayPal;
- You may have changed your PayPal's password recently;
- Your Bank account or Credit card may need to be verified;
- Your PayPal was freshly created or verified so give it a bit more time to update its status.

visit paypal

Verify your PayPal

You can visit PayPal's website to check for pending verifications and which names you've signed up:

- On the main screen panel check if the Bank account or Debit/Credit card are verified;
- Check for notifications by clicking the 'Bell' icon on the top right;
- Check your names by clickin the 'Gears' icon on the top right.

validate account

Validate Account

After checking your details and fully verified your account on PayPal go back to your campaign page.

If you did any changes on PayPal it may take a while for its status to be updated widely.

- Fill in your names correctly and you may have to try different combinations if you have more than two names;
- Click the 'Validate account' button and you' see the green success message;
- Hit 'Update' and go back to your page.