Awesome users with amazing stories

Since we launched Shareagift in 2011 we’ve seen folks creating fundraisers for all sorts of amazing things. From raising cash for popular gifts and group trips, to medical funds and charitable cause, even replacing a colleague’s stolen sandwhich! Here’s just a few examples...

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Group Fund on Special Occasions

Natilie collect money for a Birthday Surprise


Using the page meant that everyone could chip in for it, I also thought that it would be fun to make it a bit of a competition between two different things, a shed (which he needs) or a fast car (which he wants!). Seems like people want the shed so far!

Natalie wanted to get Jesse something special for his Birthday and so set up a Shareagift page to raise funds for a gift and let his friends and family decide on whether to buy him a new shed for the garden or a race track experience day.

Raise Cash for a Honeymoon Fund

Jasmine and Kiran used Shareagift to raise cash for their honeymoon


Shareagift's simple interface allows all of our friends and family members, young and old, easy access and the ability to navigate without any stress.

Jasmine and Kiran used Shareagift to raise cash for their honeymoon. They asked friends and family to contribute towards their page rather than buying them wedding gifts.

Raise Cash for Special Occasions

Rebecca created A Rainy Day Fund


I like that you can customize your page and add pictures, but most importantly, I love that everyone can see the running total, that way the collection process is transparent.

Rebecca's friend Danella was leaving Toronto to go and live in Costa Rica for a year. She has a large circle of friends and so Danella decided Shareagift would be the best way to pool funds and buy her a Visa gift card for her to use as a 'rainy day fund' while she was away.

Funding Group Activities

Igor organized a Fantasy Football League


We chose Shareagift because it has more features for international groups to collect funds, as opposed to providers who seem to be focused only on their local home markets.

Igor and Joe used Shareagift to collect funds for their Fantasy Football League competition from friends all across the world. They created a page, invited their friends and were able to collect the pot in no time!

Chip-in for Birthday Gifts

Shadia uses Shareagift to fund Kasondra's vacation


My friends birthday was coming up and I knew I wasn't going to be in town, so I decided the best thing to do would be to crowdfund a mini-vacation. The Shareagift platform worked great before and so I decided to use it again.

Kasondra’s friends decided she needed a break so they set up a page for her birthday and managed to collect enough money to send her and a friend away to a BnB by the coast for a long weekend.

Raise cash online to Help Others

Sammi helped Rebuilding Shaun’s Workshop


The page has been amazing, I can share it around on my Facebook and I can email the link for others to share, its really good! It’s amazing how much people are pulling together, I’m so thankful for them all!

A fire destroyed Shaun’s workshop and he lost everything. His daughter Sammi decided to start a page to help her Dad get back on his feet and get his business going again.

Fundraise for a Charitable Cause

Gaurav & Lana raised cash for Nepal Earthquake Victims relief


We really felt comfortable in Shareagift’s ability to make our friends and family feel secure about their donations, as well as the ease of making transactions. The deal clincher were the numerous success stories which we read about on the website itself

After visiting Nepal, Gaurav and Lana decided that they would ask their wedding guests for donations to their page rather than any gifts, in order to help those suffering from the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake.

Group fund a Leaving Gift

Joanna raised £1,000 for Dave’s New Keyboard


The page has been crucial in collecting the money. It has made such a difference for people to see what they are giving to and the progress of our target – I am sure that we wouldn’t have raised half as much without this page.

Joanna set an exaggerated goal of £1000 for her page and managed to raise 105% of her target in just 9 days! This has gone towards a brand new keyboard for Dave to take to Germany with him. After such a successful campaign here’s what Joanna had to say about her Shareagift experience.

Collect money to help friends in need

Carlie collected $1,500 to help her friend recover from a car accident


Sarah is Carlie’s best friend. They study together at Marshal University School of Pharmacy in West Virginia. Tragically, Sarah was involved in a serious car accident as she was driving home at the end of the spring term, and spent the summer in hospital recovering.

Happily she was discharged from hospital, but unable to move home as she couldn’t walk up the stairs in her apartment. So Carlie and her friends created a Shareagift Page to raise the $2.5k they need to install a chair lift in her apartment.

So far they’ve raised $1,500 and counting – her friends, family, and even her university professors have all chipped in, and they’re well on her way to reaching their target.

Collect contributions online to fund a Blog or Project

Willow uses Shareagift to fund her Blog


Willow has Asperger Syndrome and she runs a forum, Asperclick, for people on the spectrum, and for their friends and family. She set up a Shareagift Page to help her fund the forum and pay for the running costs it incurs on a monthly basis.

She receives contributions from supporters all over the world who appreciate her work, and she made this heart-warming video for our video competition, explaining what a difference Shareagift has made for her.

Crowd-funding for Music Tours and Travel

Brett used Shareagift to crowd-fund his band’s tour to Brazil

Immortal Guardian are a heavy metal band from Texas. Their manager, Brett, set up a Sharegift Page to help them collect the funds they needed to go on their music tour to Brazil.

They created their Page and embedded it as a link on their Facebook fan page to let their fans contribute. They also promoted the Page at their warm-up gigs, asking the crowd to visit and search for ‘Immortal Guardian’ if they wanted to chip in and support them.

Fundraise online for Charities and Events

Jamey raised $1,295 from 9 individual Shareagift Pages for his Charity Event

Jamey is the Director of Operations at the Catholic Student Center at Washington University. He used Shareagift to collect money together to pay for auction items for their annual charity gala dinner.

He created 9 individual Shareagift Pages so people could choose which item they wanted to contribute towards. In the end he raised nearly $2,000 towards the event. We asked him if he’d make a short video for us, and this is what he very kindly had to say...

Collecting funds online for Office Gifts

Jess works at MIT, she uses Shareagift for Office Gifts and to fund her blog


“We collected over $1,000 in the office for a new camera for my colleague, Nick. Organizing a group bought gift for someone can be a major hassle but Shareagift made it easy to do and I won’t organize another office group gift again without Shareagift!”

Jess first used Shareagift when she was working in the music department for MIT (Massachussetts Institude of Technology) in Boston. She collected nearly $1,500 from her colleagues to buy an iPad for their friend John for his retirement gift. She subsequently used Shareagift to collect money for a new camera lens for another colleague’s leaving gift.

Jess found the site so helpful she also now uses it for to help fund her blog, GlutenFreeBostonGirl, letting her readers can help chip in towards the running costs so she can keep writing!

Collect cash with friends for Parties

Gráinne collected €800 for her husband’s Birthday Party


“Andreas’s surprise 50th birthday was a huge success, and it was a huge help to me to have found your website and have everyone contribute to what ended up being quite a costly evening. But it was definitely worth it! Many thanks to you, and to your team for all your help!”

Gráinne lives in Paris with her husband, Andreas. She wanted to throw him a special surprise party for his 50th birthday, so she created a Shareagift Page and collected €800 from their friends and family to chip in towards a private nighttime bus tour of Paris, complete with a DJ on board and dinner at Andreas’ favorite restaurant.

Organizing group gifts for Baby Showers

Reeta collected £500 for a Bugaboo stroller for her Baby Shower


“We had fantastic success collecting £500 from friends for our baby shower. I’ve now used Shareagift for my husband and all my children’s birthday gifts too!”

Reeta lives in London, UK, and she and her husband recently had their second baby boy! They really needed to replace the old pushchair they had, so they used Shareagift to ask their friends to chip in towards a Bugaboo for their Baby Shower, rather than each giving individual gifts.

Reeta had so much success using Shareagift she also used it for her family birthdays, even collecting over £1,000 for a new pool table for her husband!

Collecting money for Birthday Gifts

Laxmi collected over $1,000 for her daughter's birthday.


“I liked the idea of a collective contribution to buy a BIG birthday gift! I found it easy to create the Shareagift Page for my little one. I did one for my older daughter too and I can says it’s been 100% successful!”

Laxmi is from Ashburn, Virginia, USA. She first heard about Shareagift when her friend invited her to contribute to a Page for her daughter’s birthday. Laxmi loved the idea, particularly as she has friends and family all over the world. So she set up a Shareagift Page for her own daughter’s birthday, collecting over $1,000 to buy new furniture for her daughter’s bedroom.

She now uses Shareagift for all the family’s birthdays and recently collected enough to buy a piano!