Birthday: Buy Columbo: The Complete Series for Ya Boy Mike

Columbo: The Complete Series
Mike Epperson
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ends 04 Dec 2016

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    Michael Epperson

Columbo: The Complete Series

Hello, friends and fam.

If you're one of my favorite real people, you might know that my favorite fake person is Lt. Columbo. While I love dynamic characters such as Enid Coleslaw, Omar Little, and Gwendolen Harleth, Columbo is my all-time fave from any genre or medium.

He's a simple, humble genius. Although he's often socially inept and obscenely polite, he has a deep understanding of human psychology. He pursues justice not with malice, but with empathy.

We need more Columbos in our criminal justice system. And I need more Columbo episodes in my life.

Because of online streaming, I haven't bought a DVD in years. I haven't wanted a DVD in years. My wanting this DVD set should tell you how special it is.

And it's not just special; it's massive. For 75 bucks, I can get 69 episodes and 24 movies on 34 discs. Good god, that's enough Columbo to keep a man happy for the rest of his life.

I'm not broke. I can buy this on my own, but I think it would be fun to get some of my favorite people to chip in on buying the definitive document of my favorite character. So please donate whatever you can spare. Any amount is appreciated.


Ya Boy Mike

  • Philip

    Philip Matthews made a contribution   04 Dec 2016

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  • Courtney

    Courtney Algeo made a contribution   28 Nov 2016

    I don't know anything about Columbo, but I'm guessing it's good. Enjoy?
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  • Rachel

    Rachel Freedman made a contribution   27 Nov 2016

    Always glad to be part of something that will define your life.
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    Michael Epperson replied to a comment   27 Nov 2016

    Thank you. This is very meaningful.
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  • Jennifer

    Jennifer Greenman made a contribution   27 Nov 2016

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