For my best friend's birthday present

Shinichi Sakaki
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ends 05 Apr 2017

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    Kevin Sugiyama


Hello everyone,
my name's Kevin and I'm here today, is to kindly ask everyone to give me a little help on buying a fantastic birthday present to my friend Shinichi.

Shinichi and I have been friends for 8 years, going towards the 9th, and both of us are now here in the U.S. as an international student: I'm here to major at language study, and his dream's computer science.
On April the 10th, 2017, Shinichi's friends and I are going to celebrate Shinichi's 24 years old birthday.
As long as I know, Shinichi has been using his kind of "low specification" computer for about 4 years. His computer's from HP, using i-3 3rd generation dual core CPU, 4GB memory and 500GB HDD.
Well, I know this sounds pretty enough for daily uses but as he's majoring in Computer Science, especially programming, I really wish he could own a better computer, for both his daily application and study.

For now, I'm aiming at buying a NUC Kit from Intel, which is small in size but strong in performance.
But unfortunately, as I don't have a SSN in the U.S. means that I can't work here, nor I do have enough time to work as I'm spending most of my time on my studys; the only way I could save money is to take out a little sum of money everytime my family send me money for paying rents and living spends.
As my family isn't that rich as well, I can't really ask my parents to send me more money for saving purposes as I fully understand that it definitely will increase their burden.
And this is why I'm here to ask for your help.

I've already had 150USD saved, and I think I could save another 100-150USD before his birthday comes.
And with everyone's help, I hope to buy him a nice and durable computer that could enhance his experience on computer using and also help him to be able to study programming better.
I know it might sounds a bit luxury; but it's my best friend's birthday, and that's why I would like to make his birthday the best day he could had.

Please help me, I need your help.


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