Support the Revolution in Education!(and my 30th birthday :)

Canon Powershot G7 X MARK II
Ken Kaminsky @Zebra Academy
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    Ken Kaminsky

Canon Powershot G7 X MARK II

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school" - Albert Einstein

I have decided to devote myself to helping create a world where schools are focused on building strong, independent, confident individuals. A world where children use the first years of their lives to explore the world around them, but more than anything to learn about themselves. We need schools that focus on what will remain - Real Education!

In an ever changing world technology keeps disrupting every industry every single day. More information is at our fingertips than any time in history.

We can all choose to learn anything we want, ofter able to learn directly from the top people in a given field.

I believe that what remains from the time we spend in school is neither the "knowledge" or facts we memorize before an exam nor the mathematical formulas we learned to use like robots. What is left with us is our self-esteem, self-image and mindset - often shaped by how good we could fit in the system that is no longer relevant.

Out attitude towards learning, towards what is possible and right for us in life is shaped during those years. Most often it is shaped in a destructive way. One that is limiting our imagination, our self-confidence, our enthusiasm for learning. We were never encouraged to think independently, to explore our passions and talents.

I would argue that the future of education is in personal development. In creating environments that spark kids curiosity to the world around them and teach them how to learn. In encouraging them to make mistakes in a safe environment that can support them to recover and learn from them. In inspiring them to challenge themselves and showcase their newly acquired skills (rather than mere facts/knowledge) in a personalized way, that will allow them to be creative, develop and demonstrate their unique talents.

I am a devoted student that is starting his journey to learn about the future of education. I would like to talk to and learn from anyone who is involved in reimagining education and is taking part of making it a reality for kids around the world.

I have decided to document the whole process, from the very beginning and along the way. I will create content that documents my conversations with the people behind the revolution. I will share my thoughts and conclusions, ideas I came across and places I visit.

For all of these, I need your help. This time in getting the tools - A proper camera to be able to create great content!

The camera I am raising money for is Canon Powershot G7 X MARK II which is sold on amazon UK for £630.00. I am aiming to raise half it's cost. The other half will be my share in the investment.

The end of the campaign is also my 30th birthday - make my day happier!

  • Nir

    Nir Keren Kaminsky made a contribution   19 Jan 2017

    My little contribution to the realization of your goal.
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  • Tal

    Tal Keren Kaminsky made a contribution   19 Jan 2017

    Happy B-day big brother! LOVE YOU!
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  • Royce

    Royce Davis made a contribution   17 Jan 2017

    Do it brother! Here is a little help.
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    Ken Kaminsky replied to a comment   17 Jan 2017

    Thank you for showing support and trust. It means the world to me! You have just took me ,us, another big step towards this goal. Much love brother!
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  • Ron

    Ron Kindler made a contribution   10 Jan 2017

    Your goals and objectives are admirable. (Happy birthday!!)
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    Ken Kaminsky replied to a comment   11 Jan 2017

    Thank you soo much brother. Your support means the world to me!
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  • Ken

    Ken Kaminsky made a contribution   10 Jan 2017

    Ken has made a contribution
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