Present for baby Pochis

Stroller and travel crib
Jimena & Matias (and Pochis)
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raised out of $300.00 goal
ends 04 Mar 2017

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    Paola Jai

Stroller and travel crib

Matias and Jimena's baby is coming soon! We are joining forces to give them a present they really need and would love to have. Our super secret informants told us that their most needed items are:
-a travel crib (around $100) and/or
-a jogging stroller (around $200)
We are aiming to gather enough to get the stroller, and hopefully, if we manage to collect enough, we could get both :)
Any remaining money past our goal will be for them to buy more baby stuff as needed.

If you are curious to see what those two items would look like, I included links to pictures of items that are similar to what they are looking for, just as a reference
Jogging Stroller
Travel Crib

  • Layton

    Layton Miller made a contribution   04 Feb 2017

    Layton has made a contribution
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  • Alison

    Alison Behnke made a contribution   22 Jan 2017

    Sending love and wishes for many adventures with baby!
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  • Natalka

    Natalka Kolosok made a contribution   19 Jan 2017

    wish all the best to this great Family!
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  • Suzanne

    Suzanne Large made a contribution   13 Jan 2017

    Felicidades Jimena y Matias! Con mucho amor, Suzy y Pancho
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