Lindsey's Baby Shower

Pregnancy Twinning
Lindsey Durand-Vibert
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raised out of £45.00 goal
ends 10 Feb 2017

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    Pregnancy Twinning

Pregnancy Twinning

Lindsey would like to use her baby shower as a chance to raise money for another mother (or mothers) ​in need ​of help to give birth to their baby safely in Malawi. We are all chipping in here and then it ​will be ​donated in one go. Thank you!

  • oliver

    oliver ginger made a contribution   07 Feb 2017

    Not sure how much longer you have to go but I hope the pregnancy is going well and look forward to meeting you're new addition to the family. All the best Kim and Ollie.XX
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  • John

    John Rew made a contribution   04 Feb 2017

    With love from Vanessa, John and Joseph x
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  • Beth

    Beth Hill made a contribution   04 Feb 2017

    A lovely way to celebrate with you Linds and Franklin
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  • Matthew

    Matthew Bundy made a contribution   26 Jan 2017

    Love from Amy and Matt
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