Let's get Will the surf board he deserves

Will's surf Board
Will's Surf Board
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ends 09 Mar 2017

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Will's surf Board

Right, Will's 30th birthday is on the 10th of March, and I am not sure if many of you have already thought of a present to get him, or even already bought one. I was with him the other day and he was checking surf boards online and it looks like he is keen to get one quite soon. I have run a little investigation and found the one he was the most excited about, which you can see if you follow the link just above this text that says 'Will's Surf Board', it costs £850.00.

Since we will be more than 50 people at his birthday, I thought we could all chip in a little something and try and get it as a common present, and if we don t reach the sum, it'll at least be a good deposit.

Hope we can make that happen and see you all on the 10th anyway!

  • Sophia

    Sophia Rush posted a comment   14 May 2017

    We saw your request for help, I and my husband have decided to be of help, Kindly send us an email to soprush@gmail.com
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  • Trisha

    Trisha Lewis made a contribution   12 Mar 2017

    Enjoy 🏄🏻🌊
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  • Ben

    Ben Proctor made a contribution   08 Mar 2017

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    Mattias Pettersson made a contribution   01 Mar 2017

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    HUGO MEYER ESQUERRE made a contribution   27 Feb 2017

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