Let's help the Caffery's get settled back in the US!

Let's help the Caffery's get settled back in the US!
The Caffery Family
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ends 13 Mar 2017

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    Jenn Anderson

Let's help the Caffery's get settled back in the US!

On Monday March 13th, I will take any funds that we have raised and purchase one or two gift cards with the total. If everyone can please leave a message with their gift or at minimum their name, I will include all messages and contributors in the note we send to Allie. Please let me know if you have any questions and thanks to everyone for their support of this amazing family! - Jenn

(Please feel free to share this email/story with others who you think would like to show their support, but ask that you do not post the fundraising page on social media per Allie's wishes. Thanks!)

Note from Allie's Sisters:
As many of you have heard, our niece Maeve has been in a Korean ICU for several weeks. She came down with a serious case of bacterial meningitis and has undergone 4 brain surgeries thus far with at least one expected surgery to come. Despite her amazing recovery, my sister and the army doctors have made the choice to do a medical evacuation back to the United States. While this means she’ll be getting the best care possible, it also means the family has a very sudden move around the globe. The Caffery’s will be coming to Washington, DC later this week. If you know Allie well, you know she’s already packed, ready to go and focused on her kids. She is the most amazing mother and resilient person, it’s been humbling for both of us to watch her react to such a tragic situation with such grace and faith.

We’ve both asked Allie repeatedly what we can do to help. Her answer is always filled with her recounting her current blessing and thinking of those in worse situations. She is the picture of altruism. However, as her sisters, we know we need to go above her on this one and let all the people who love her give her some assistance. This move is a huge one and there is a lot of uncertainty for them. Their focus is getting Maeve healthy so our focus is getting them set up in DC!

How can you help? They will need lots of positive message and encouragement. Cards mean a lot to Allie and she had found lots of comfort in all the kind messages people have sent her on Facebook. They will also need the basics when they arrive in DC (everything from dishes to towels to sheets to playdoh!). Since they do not have housing set up, the best way to get them those necessities is through gift cards or donations.

Thank you all for your prayers and positive thoughts. Keep them coming! We are lucky to have such a strong support system!

Jessie and Lucy

Feel free to pass this along to anyone we may have missed or would want to see it!! Call us if you have any questions or want more updates on the family! We will try to send more updates when we have them!

P.S. Maevey has a really vibrant personality. As a family, they’ve nicknamed her “Queenie” because she has always been a sassy baby. I was in Korea visiting the week before Maeve got sick and her antics were a constant source of laughter for us. We are thankful that personality has carried through even with all that she has endured! I wanted to share some funny stories that have given Luc and I joy over the past few weeks. We will be repeating all of these at all of her major life events :)
1.) During one of her surgeries, she was wheeled through the hallway past a lot of other patients. Allie reports that she waved at every single one…even several unconscious Korean men.
2.) She also has a big sweet tooth and loves her snacks. She has not, however, loved the Korean hospital food. Allie and Will have been bringing her some American snacks and at one point a very kind Korean nurse told Allie that Maeve was a “big pig”. We assume the transition was wrong, but pretty funny!
3) Another pediatric patient received a Pikachu stuffed animal, which Maevey simply loved. When Allie arrived back at the hospital, one of the adored staff had gotten her an identical one of her own.

  • Lauren

    Lauren Strickland made a contribution   12 Mar 2017

    Prayers for strength to the entire Caffery-Parkhurst clan and best wishes for a seamless move.
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    Jason Hanrahan made a contribution   09 Mar 2017

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  • Melanie

    Melanie Nangle made a contribution   09 Mar 2017

    Thinking of you ... Love, Jim and Melanie Nangle
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  • Faith

    Faith Taylor made a contribution   08 Mar 2017

    Sending love and hugs from the Sullivans
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  • Mary

    Mary Hanrahan made a contribution   08 Mar 2017

    With love, Mary and Mark Hanrahan
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  • Remi

    Remi Ray made a contribution   08 Mar 2017

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  • Lisa

    Lisa Hirten made a contribution   08 Mar 2017

    Get well soon Maeve! Sending love and prayers from the Hirten family
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  • Jenn

    Jenn TEST made a contribution   08 Mar 2017

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  • Jenn

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