Don't buy me gifts, help wild animals instead

Help me raise funds instead of buying birthday gifts
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ends 02 May 2017

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Help me raise funds instead of buying birthday gifts

Look at those cute baby foxes in the picture above!
They were found alone, with no trace of their mother. Isn't it cooler to help those babies survive instead of buying birthday gifts? I'm glad you agree with me!!

I want to start a new traditions. I would like to ask those who plan to buy me a birthday gift, to help me raise funds for non-profit organizations.

This year I want to raise funds for a wildlife preservation organisation from Greece. I have volunteered in their headquarters and I can tell you first hand that they need funds for food and medical supplies for all the beautiful creatures they take care of. Their work never stops, they work weekends and holidays. So instead of buying me a birthday gift, please donate some money and help me raise funds to support their work.

ANIMA was established in September 2005 and focuses on wildlife preservation and rehabilitation.
They collaborate with vets and other wildlife experts in order to provide the best medical care to injured wild animals.
Their work is supported by donations and volunteer work labor.

Orphan baby animals and injured animals arrive daily at the headquarters of ANIMA in Athens. There they receive proper medical care and food according to their species and dietary habits. When the animals are healthy and strong they are transported to specially designed locations in the countryside where they can exercise in a safe environment. Once the animals are ready, they are released into the wild.

See pictures of their daily work

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