Help me Pay towards costs of a hair washing basin & fitting

Salon Basin & fitting cost
Hair by Becky Darling 💜
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ends 01 Dec 2017

  • created by
    Becky Darling

Salon Basin & fitting cost

Hello everyone 💜 I know this is super cheeky but I really want to be able to buy and get fitted a hair washing basin in my room.
I want to be able to offer a more professional comfortable service & a little head massage To my clients! As u can imagine this will cost lots but I think it will be worth it & as it's for your benafit too ( as well as my poor back 😘) I was wondering if any of u would like to help me a little. Please! Every little bit will help 😘😘😘

  • Sophia

    Sophia Rush posted a comment   14 May 2017

    We saw your request for help, I and my husband have decided to be of help, Kindly send us an email to
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    Becky Darling replied to a comment   04 Jun 2017

    I've emailed u x
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  • Amanda

    Amanda Palfrey made a contribution   04 May 2017

    Good on u Hun ❤
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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous made a contribution   02 May 2017

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