Debbie and Juha Wedding Present

Wedding Present
Debbie and Juha Filin
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ends 03 Jun 2017

  • created by
    Janie Carruthers

Wedding Present

Gifting Love

  • Sophy

    Sophy Ashmore made a contribution   26 May 2017

    Wishing you both all the happiness possible in the world - love you both 💘
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  • Sophia

    Sophia Rush posted a comment   14 May 2017

    We saw your request for help, I and my husband have decided to be of help, Kindly send us an email to
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  • Cassandra

    Cassandra Maxwell made a contribution   11 May 2017

    just a little something to top up your other wedding pressie. happy nuptials, Cassandra
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  • Janie

    Janie Carruthers made a contribution   11 May 2017

    Congratulations.. I hope this helps towards your home.. Love you Janie, Rooney, Jack and Fred XXXX
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