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Puzzle Map: South America
Montessori School of Western Springs
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ends 31 May 2017

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    Monica Pavlik

Puzzle Map: South America

Hello Montessori Parents,

The end of the school year is just around the corner. For some of us, our children are graduating and/or moving on from Miss Beth's program at the Montessori School of Western Springs. For others, the journey continues on for another year. My son Nolan has been in Miss Beth's program since he turned four and it has been such a wonderful experience for him. We are sad that his time has come to an end with Miss Beth, Mrs. Marie and Mrs. Lori.

Last year, the graduating class and Montessori families came together and purchased a class gift of several Montessori maps that were a little worn and missing pieces. I spoke with Miss Beth recently, and she mentioned that a few additional maps are in need of replacement; specifically the map of South America and the map of the USA. So, in following tradition, I am reaching out to all Montessori families to see if you would be interested in supporting the purchase of at least one map - South America - as a parting gift from the class of 2017.

Participation is completely voluntary! I am organizing this gift through the website "shareagift" as a way to simplify cash transfer and to track all the families who are participating. You must use this website/Paypal to transfer funds to me. If we’ve had an overwhelming response, I will add the map of the USA as well. Miss Beth was very specific in the brand and type of map. Here is a link to each map where I will be purchasing them from:

Similar to last year, we will have all the students sign the back of the map. I will plan to have the map of South America to Miss Beth by next Thursday, June 1st at the kindergarten graduation. After that, she can have all the contributing students sign the maps during class time and at the end of year picnic.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or text/call at 773-266-4867.


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  • Lauren

    Lauren Leonard made a contribution   24 May 2017

    Thanks Monica
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  • Kristen

    Kristen Hettinga made a contribution   23 May 2017

    Thanks for organizing! Great idea...
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