Christina is turning 40!

Christina's birthday gift "Electric bike"
Veronica (AKA Vicky)
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ends 17 Jun 2017

  • created by
    Veronica Blanco

Christina's birthday gift "Electric bike"

Little bird told me our girl Christina is turning 40! I am creating this page to collect gift money that could go towards an electric bike, as you might know she was a happy owner of one of those bikes that was taken away from her and as she described it to me those were the happiest days of her life when she was riding and riding.

Let's do it! Thanks you!

  • Kat

    Kat Whipple made a contribution   11 Jun 2017

    Lots of love to you girl! Happy Birthday!!!
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  • Alexandria

    Alexandria Hodes made a contribution   01 Jun 2017

    Have a beautiful birthday from Alex in 245.
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