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Donations for the Chechnya Crisis
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ends 10 Jul 2018

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    Aliya Ismagilova

Donations for the Chechnya Crisis

Dear friends,
I am starting this because I want there to be an easy way to collect funds for the Russian LGBT Network. The charity has spent the latter couple of months focusing their efforts on helping gay men, the primary victims of the abuse within the Chechnya area. Chechnya has made international headlines for the governing body's alleged use of 'concentration camps' to round up gay individuals using methods of torture and humiliation. Here is the partial transcript of a statement made by Tanya Lokshina, Russia Program Director on behalf of the Human Rights Watch:

“Since the end of February, Chechen law enforcement and security officials, under the control of Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the Chechen republic [...] have been rounding up gay men as part of an apparent anti-gay purge [….]. The victims are taken into unlawful detention centres [where] they are beaten, electrocuted, and under torture they are forced to provide names of other gay individuals. That's how dozens and dozens, presumably over 100 men, were detained. Some of those individuals forcibly disappeared, others were returned to their relatives after a certain period of detention. The relatives were shamed for having homosexuals in their families and effectively encouraged by Chechen officials to carry out honour killings.”

In the few days (10.7.17) two independent news sources have reported that the Russian LGBT network has been contacted with news of more arrests and detainment in the Chechnya region. While we urge our own governments to apply pressure on the Kremlin and the International Criminal Court (ICC), we have the power to deliver change ourselves, by directly supporting the organisation on the frontline whom are reaching out to those most vulnerable in the region.

The Russian LGBT network provide a 24/7 emergency number which can be contacted by people seeking help in the Chechnya region. Over the past 100 days they have received hundreds of pleas for help in the region which have been met with support and advice regarding fleeing and seeking asylum elsewhere. As all charities ever, and especially in the case of one like this in a forbiddingly hostile environment, they rely almost entirely on donations, receiving next to no government funding.
This is an issue which transcends even the borders of sexuality and identity. The ongoings in Chechnya are crimes against humanity. They violate the right for every individual to live like a human being, and the standard progression towards the most violent crimes, starting with simple discrimination in the workplace or home needs to be stopped, but only with time, and with continuous pressure, activism and support from the international community.

After the share a gift tax of 4.5% per donation, 100% of proceeds will go towards the Russian LGBT Network, to help them assist gay Chechen people and other LGBT individuals at risk throughout the country.

Alternatively, you can choose to donate to the Russian LGBT Network directly (and in rubles). A link is currently sustained on their page.
**Deadline is not actual deadline, this will run until the charity have a permanent way of collecting international funds**
Here is their website (can be accessed in both Russian and English)

  • Cas

    Cas Bradbeer made a contribution   10 Jul 2017

    Couldn't have given the entirety of my bank account to a better cause. Good luck!
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  • Katie

    Katie Lathan made a contribution   10 Jul 2017

    Katie has made a contribution
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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous made a contribution   10 Jul 2017

    Good luck with the campaign Aliya!
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