23: Never grow up, just glow up! Birthday/Anniversary

23 : Maria Tsaguriya/Shoko Tamai
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ends 31 Jul 2017

  • created by
    Maria Tsaguriya


Peace friends~ Shoko Tamai and Maria Tsaguriya hosts of 23 are celebrating our birthdays this July 23rd and our 1 year anniversary of our event. We are looking to raise some funds for our future shows and you may contribute to us as in the form of a birthday gift. Our ideal contribution would be $15 but if everyone contributed even 3 dollars we would have enough raised to last us to produce a few more shows for the fall. Our events are to bring the gods + goddess, royalty, queens + kings and artistic muses together. We are forming a collective that internally inspires collaboration, gives fuel for creative projects and influences the general public to also explore their artistic capabilities. We make the world collectively a better place and we must keep the artists empowered to produce work that is raw, authentic and exploratory and by supporting us we promise to be able to continue to host events with increased awesome factor. Some of the costs that we have put to events have included, mics($50), portable amp($200), fabric for installations($400), party supplies($100), brand new generator($400), uv light($50). If you have been our our events, met someone who you now collaborate with, were inspired...please consider donating anything you can. May the force be with you <3

  • Katerina

    Katerina Mozgovoy made a contribution   31 Jul 2017

    Sorry I couldn't make it to the rockaways!
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  • Lennay

    Lennay Chapman made a contribution   24 Jul 2017

    Happy birthday! I hope todays event rocked!
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  • Kamilla

    Kamilla KHabibrakhmanova posted a comment   23 Jul 2017

    Sorry I cannot make it tonight, but looking forward to future events!!! Happy birthday! <3
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  • Kamilla

    Kamilla KHabibrakhmanova made a contribution   23 Jul 2017

    Kamilla has made a contribution
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  • George

    George Kostopoulos made a contribution   23 Jul 2017

    George has made a contribution
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Invitees (154)   
Lisaira Vega McGill
Ingrid Staats
Justyna Ostrowska
Raven M Jackson
J. O'Connor