Donate to Committed for my 40th Birthday

Funding for Commited
Brock Hill
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ends 30 Aug 2017

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    Brock Hill

Funding for Commited

Hello Friends! In lieu of gifts or cards for my big 40th birthday, I would love your support for my production of Committed, by Natalie Menna. We will be going up at the 14th St Y on Aug 30th 2017. We will also soon be choosing a charity to work with as well for the run. Any donation will help! $1, $5, $25, $100...

  • Lynda

    Lynda Crawford made a contribution   06 Aug 2017

    Happy birthday!
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  • Lori

    Lori Kee made a contribution   26 Jul 2017

    Happy Birthday, Brock! Love you, sorry I can't be there for the weekend hijinx! We'll celebrate soon! And... here's to a new play! xo
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