Sharu and Uttara's wedding

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Sharu and Uttara
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ends 01 Sep 2017

  • created by
    Gopakumar Suryanarayanan

Amazon gift voucher!

Hi peeps, as you know our beloved Sharu mon is tying the knot and won't be on the prowl anymore. The streets are safe again, let all the women (men?) know ! I think its our duty to thank Uttara for her contribution to society and help her through the ordeal. Please do feel free to donate generously and I thought I'd pool together all the money at the end for an equivalent amazon uk gift voucher.

  • Deepa

    Deepa Denesh made a contribution   12 Aug 2017

    Congratulations you guys. Let the festivities begin!!! 😘😘
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  • Sujith

    Sujith Jayagopalan made a contribution   12 Aug 2017

    Congratulations uttara & saru.
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  • Floyd

    Floyd Lourenco made a contribution   12 Aug 2017

    Congrats Sarath and Uttara!
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  • Gopakumar

    Gopakumar Suryanarayanan made a contribution   12 Aug 2017

    Have an awesome wedding!
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  • Joe

    Joe Abraham made a contribution   12 Aug 2017

    Good luck Uttara. You need it !! Happy married life guys! Joe, Stefy and Kezia
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