S.O.S. Helga! Ill puppy needs your help!

Bring Helga's Health Back
Helga & Candida Mule'
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Bring Helga's Health Back

Hi dog lovers! Helga is an 8-month Miniature Schnauzer puppy who is going through some ordeal right now, and we need your help!

Helga was knocked down by a car on Sunday night in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, UK, and has been in Rosemary Lodge Veterinary Hospital in Bath since then. She has a broken leg and bleeding from her liver, and she needs to be operated as soon as possible.

She needs an operation to get her broken leg fixed and might also need an abdominal operation to stop the bleeding. Right now the vets are trying to manage the abdominal bleeding in other ways, to try and see if the abdominal bleeding can be stopped without an operation.

At the moment the vets put her on painkillers and she is on a drip. She is very weak and of course she cannot move.

The vets are waiting for the bleeding to stop and for Helga to regain some strength before they can operate on her leg. In the meantime the bill is going up and up daily.

So far the bill has gone up to £7,500 and we really need your help to get Helga's health back! Helga's owners cannot afford such a high bill, and are really heart-broken and conflicted on what the next step would be. The bill is in fact so big that they are considering to take Helga back home, in order to pay less for daily stay, but that would mean risking for the bleeding to get worse, and for the broken leg to heal wrongly and be incorrectly aligned - which would mean that Helga's conditions might worsen :-(

Please help! If you could donate whatever you feel like or you can, please do it, so Helga can get quick treatment and go back home as soon as possible, healthy and safe again, to her owners who love her so much and who are heartbroken right now :-(

Thank you to you all who can help and to you all who cannot help but are sending loving and positive thoughts towards Helga and her owners :-)

Thank you so much xxx

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