Help online to Mexico's Sept 19th 2017 quake victims.

Online Help for Mexico
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ends 29 Sep 2017

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Online Help for Mexico

Thanks for reading.

We're an IT company located in Toluca, State of Mexico, Mexico. (

The Sept. 19th Quake that struck Mexico toppled buildings and killed many children that were still at school.

But as we speak, many of them are still alive trapped under rubble.

Sharing this is very appreciated but most important, if you haven't already, you can donate whichever amount comes to your mind.

One way to help if you're not in Mexico is paypaling @topos, a professional non-profit Mexican rescue team, at

Also, for the fancy ones, (Mexicans are the ones that celebrate Death so that's OK) Red Cross Mexico has a Wish List in Amazon Mexico.

Unfortunately, there are more communities in the State of Mexico, Puebla and Morelos that would benefit from some extra hands.

That's what this funding is for.

You can donate as many times as you wish, the worst will long a couple days but after the first week, we will need food, toiletries, blankets, medicine, and water.

We will buy these products and will deliver them to trusted gathering centers helping people outside Mexico City.

We're a group of people trying to collect as many help as possible, and because of the time being, this is a trusted donation, there's no warranty that your money will end up helping victims of the quake except that the trust you could have in us.

If time permits, we will upload photos of what your donations could do for quake victims.

Thanks again for reading and taking some time to help others

#sismo #AyudarNosMueve #PrayForMexico

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