Leaving gift for Sam

Leaving/thank you gift
Sam Burch
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ends 03 Nov 2017

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    Annabel Hudson

Leaving/thank you gift

Thank you for checking out this link! Sam is moving to Ireland in a matter of days. I only happened to find this out as I bumped into him when I was at Fix the other day. I think he's a brilliant osteopath (and human being!) He helped me resolve my back problems, which had caused me so much angst and I wanted to get him a gift to say thank you. I thought there may be other patients/ex-patients of his who would feel the same.

My idea is to get together donations from anyone who is keen to join in and then buy him a luxury hamper full of nice foods & wines to be delivered to his new home in Ireland. It will be a nice way of saying thanks but also a kind of settling in gift for starting their new life over there. I am also totally open to other gift ideas, though, if you know of something he might like more than a hamper! Feel free to send me ideas, whether or not you are able to donate. I put in a target amount of £100 but please just put in anything you are able, there really is no minimum donation! (If we raise much less than the target, though, then there is a mechanism on here to simply return your money to you). Will of course make sure that gift is in the names of all who donate.
Thanks again for taking a look and hope enough people will like this idea for us to be able to make it happen!
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