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    Suzy BitPaper


Welcome to our community RAFFLE! This is your chance to win an IpadPro by creating art with BitPaper and contributing towards the prize! All you need to do to win the latest version of the IPAD PRO + PEN + KEYBOARD is to send us your BEST BitPaper Art + contribute with $10. Our community on facebook will vote for the best 10 Arts and draw the prize amongst the finalists. The Founders at BitPaper will be contributing with funds but obviously not entering the prize so your chances of winning are MASSIVE!

Create your art clic export to pdf and share it with us on our facebook page or email to

BitPaper is a collaborative digital paper. It allows you to write, sketch and collaborate via audio and video through a web page. It was designed by world leading educators to improve the quality of teaching and tutoring online. With BitPaper you can teach anyone, anything from anywhere in the world.

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    Suzy BitPaper made a contribution   03 Nov 2017

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