KidsOut Giving Tree

Giving Tree
KidsOut Giving Tree
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ends 15 Dec 2017

  • created by
    Chris Adcock

Giving Tree

Each year KidsOut collects gifts for disadvantaged children who otherwise wouldn't receive anything. For around 5 years now some friends and I have collected money for this great cause and purchased hundreds of toys. These are then passed on to KidsOut to be sent to children who's Christmas would will be made a slightly happier time.

This page is to collect funds to do a large shop at Toys R Us, if you'd like to know more about the charity or get involved in the Giving Tree next year then please follow the below links: />
Thank you for your support of a great charity!

  • Bukola

    Bukola Odofin made a contribution   13 Nov 2017

    What a great cause - as a mother, happy to help
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  • Tamara

    Tamara Banner made a contribution   13 Nov 2017

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  • Charlie

    Charlie Loud made a contribution   13 Nov 2017

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