Richard Olsen Retirement

Life after CGI
Mark Stanford @ CGI
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ends 17 Dec 2017

  • created by
    Mark Stanford

Life after CGI

Retirement Gift

  • Shevaun

    Shevaun Carneiro made a contribution   17 Dec 2017

    Richard, it has been an absolute pleasure working with you. Your patience and always cheerful demeanour will be fondly remembered. I thank you for the time, effort and support you have provided me throughout my time on the DB Account. I couldn't have asked for a better manager and have really enjoyed working with you. Here's wishing you all the very best in retirement and I hope it allows you the opportunity to become a true groupie, following your favourite bands around the world. Good Luck, Shevaun
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  • Andy

    Andy Nelson made a contribution   15 Dec 2017

    Sorry to see you go Richard. Thanks for all your support this year and good luck for the future.
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  • Thomas

    Thomas Fydrich made a contribution   13 Dec 2017

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  • Thomas

    Thomas Fydrich posted a comment   13 Dec 2017

    From London to the World ... Thanks for all your dedication and support - enjoy the life after CGI - if it happens you come thru Frankfurt give us a shoot & we take you out All The Best Thomas F.
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  • Udo

    Udo Wilhelm made a contribution   12 Dec 2017

    It was a great pleasure to work for so many year together with you on the Deutsche Bank account. Enjoy your retirement and the time with good music. Best regard Udo
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  • Farhad

    Farhad Bastani made a contribution   08 Dec 2017

    Enjoy your retirement :-)
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