Mike Greaves - Surprise 80th Birthday Party

Family Tree and Holiday
Richard Greaves, on behalf of my dad Mike Greaves (it's a surprise remember!)
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ends 01 Sep 2018

  • created by
    Richard Greaves

Family Tree and Holiday

This is a fund to help us all contribute towards a collective gift(s) for my dad's 80th birthday.

The fund will be used to pay for family trees to be commissioned for both sides of dad's family.

Any money left over will be given to my dad to treat himself to another gift and / or short break.

  • Geoff

    Geoff St Barbe Baker made a contribution   30 Aug 2018

    Happy birthday Mike, best wishes from Geoff and Shirl.
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  • Paul

    Paul Thurlow made a contribution   04 Aug 2018

    Hello Richard, £40 contribution from Paul Nicky Hannah & Erin. See you on the day.
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  • Billy

    Billy Thurlow made a contribution   01 Aug 2018

    From Billy & Hayley x
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  • Jacqueline

    Jacqueline Beavis made a contribution   31 Jul 2018

    Happy Brithday Uncle Tiggs . Wilh love, Jacqueline, Peter and Pat XXX
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    Jacqueline Beavis replied to a comment   31 Jul 2018

    I forgot to add George’s name!!! I got side tracked trying to think what most appropriate name my mum is known by......Dorothy, Pat, Rose, Slattie........but the gift is from George too!!!!! X
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  • Martin

    Martin Fox made a contribution   07 Jun 2018

    Happy birthday Mike. Have a great day and many happy returns. Best wishes from martin and Carole.
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  • Debra

    Debra Meed made a contribution   23 Apr 2018

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Lots of Love from Pam, JJ, Tony, Tracey, Richard, Debra and Jason Xxxx
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  • Peter

    Peter Hoskin made a contribution   27 Mar 2018

    Happy Birthday Michael - sorry I can't be with you to celebrate.
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  • Richard

    Richard Greaves made a contribution   27 Mar 2018

    Getting the ball rolling
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