Brody's Bar Mitzvah Project

Nursery School Renovations
Grand Synagogue Florence
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ends 15 Aug 2018

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    Anthony Fogler

Nursery School Renovations

An important part of having a Bar Mitzvah is the realization of your role within a greater community, and figuring out how you can contribute to it. As his Bar-Mitzvah project, Brody has decided to make a donation to the Great Synagogue of Florence, also known as Tempio Maggiore, in lieu of gifts.

Brody has chosen to have his Bar Mitzvah at the Tempio Maggiore because he has spent many holidays in and around Florence since a very young age. Undoubtedly, he has a connection to the region of Tuscany. As a third culture child (i.e., born in Paris, raised in Switzerland and yet holds a Canadian passport), it easy for him to feel a special connection to a place he has frequented, and have a desire to endorse this by doing something special there.

In lieu of gifts, Brody requests that you make a donation to the Tempio Maggiore. It is the largest (and most magnificent) synagogue in South Central Europe; however, the Florentine Jewish population is rather small. The synagogue is a special part of this community, and it has survived a remarkable history since it was constructed in the late 1800’s.

Brody wishes to focus his Bar-Mitzvah project on the student education programs at the synagogue. Currently, the kindergarten has about twenty-five children enrolled, and it has a strong reputation both within the Jewish community and beyond. The synagogue also supports a bi-weekly study program for kids ages 7-18 focusing on learning Hebrew, Tefillà, and Torah. It is also a great source of community for them as the large temple garden has a multi-purpose football and basketball court, and ping pong tables. All funds Brody raises will go to the betterment of these programs.

It is Brody’s wish to make his first act as Bar Mitzvah one of charity and gratitude. Please help him in his efforts to support the community, which is receiving him as a Bar-Mitzvah boy. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

  • Caroline

    Caroline Banestig made a contribution   23 Jun 2018

    Dear Brody, Thank you for including us for this special weekend and for sharing this important day with us! Congratulations!
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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous made a contribution   22 Jun 2018

    Dear Brody, we are very happy to be here in Italy and share this important moment with you. Carry on being this great person that you are!! Big kiss, Ursina, Eduardo and family
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  • Anja

    Anja Spielmann made a contribution   21 Jun 2018

    We are so much looking forward celebrating with you!
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  • stanley

    stanley gordon made a contribution   17 Jun 2018

    Mazel Tov. We are sorry we cannot be there to celebrate with you.
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  • Siobhan

    Siobhan Davies made a contribution   17 Jun 2018

    What a fabulous project, Brody. We are all looking forward to celebrating with you. Much love Bowen and the Davieses x
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  • Lory

    Lory Spier made a contribution   12 Jun 2018

    Mazal Tov Brody! We can't wait to celebrate with you and your family!
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  • Tracey

    Tracey Martin made a contribution   11 Jun 2018

    Congratulations Brody! What a kind and caring way to mark your Bar Mitzvah! We are sorry we can't be there to celebrate with you. Love, Marv, Tracey, Carly & Ben
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  • Roni and Ira

    Roni and Ira Elegant made a contribution   10 Jun 2018

    Dear Brody: Congratulations. May everything you wish for be the least you receive. Roni and Ira
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  • Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Kalmin made a contribution   10 Jun 2018

    Brody, we are so happy to be a part of your Bar Mitzvah celebration. We always have a great time with your family and are very happy to be a part of your lives. Mazel Tov, The Kalmins
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  • Karen

    Karen Sklar made a contribution   08 Jun 2018

    Mazel Tov!! I am so proud of you Brody - what a generous way to celebrate. Love you - Babi
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  • Susie

    Susie Kahan made a contribution   29 May 2018

    Brody!! we are so excited to celebrate with you! We think that what you are doing for your mitzvah project is amazing! Great Job! Love, The Kahan family
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  • Elliot

    Elliot Gelfand made a contribution   24 May 2018

    What a wonderful bar mitzvah project, Brody. We look forward to celebrating with you. Love, Auntie Dena & Uncle Elliot
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  • Leena

    Leena Bachmann made a contribution   16 May 2018

    Hi Brody, Looking forward to celebrate with you. Laurence.
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  • Lisa

    Lisa Schernikau made a contribution   15 May 2018

    Dear Brody, thank you for this wonderful gesture. We are looking foward to spending this special day with you. Much love Lisa, Lars and Max
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  • gerald

    gerald kagan made a contribution   17 Apr 2018

    wishing Brody all our love and know he will be great on this special day Nanny Jo and jerry
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