Orchard House Commission by Hannah Giffard

Clare Rutzen
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ends 28 Jul 2018

  • created by
    Lucy Rutzen


For Mums, birthday, I am having a commission of our house done (and kitty and welly too), but our friend Hannah Giffard (of Pablo the Little Red Fox Fame). Myself and dad are buying it for her, but as I always get asked what she would like by you lot, you now have the opportunity to put some money into something she really really wants.

She was going on about having one done the other day, but would never have it done for herself as she couldn't justify it, so it seemed like a missed opportunity for all of us.

She doesn't know, so please don't give anything away, as I want it to be a surprise.

  • Lucy

    Lucy Rutzen made a contribution   13 Apr 2018

    Love from Mike & Deborah. x
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  • Lucy

    Lucy Rutzen made a contribution   12 Apr 2018

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Invitees (4)   
Tim Dighton
Sally Palmer
Marianne Stoyel
Deborah Preston