Help preserve Ethiopia's traditional medicines

Milena "Alamaze" Girma
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    MIlena Girma

Ethiopia is a sacred and ancient country filled with wisdom and well-kept secrets on sacred healing arts, herbal medicines, folk medicine, the healing power of stones and crystals and much more. Some of her secrets we may never uncover, and many are not withstanding the test of time. What we consider medical and technological advancement has also vastly diminished our traditional methods of healing the body, mind and spirit. For these reasons, the power of traditional medicine and sacred healing arts are not being properly shared and preserved. In many families, the knowledge is not transferred from the elders to the younger generations and is already lost. I am on a mission to preserve this wisdom and uncover secrets while bridging the gap between spaces and clearing pathways to make these traditional herbs and medicines available in the United States and beyond. For the past two weeks, I have been in Ethiopia, speaking to and reasoning with elders, herbalists, shopkeepers, taxi drivers ... basically anyone who is willing to share information and assist me on my mission. I spent a week in Asella with my grandmother and other elders who were fascinated by my desire to preserve this knowledge that many have traded in for Western medicine. I am currently in Hārer speaking to local farmers, elders and anyone willing to share information. With guidance from the Most High, a smile and a mission, I pray to uncover my beloved country’s secrets and preserve the dying wisdom and way of life. My current goal is to raise $10,000 to sustain my field research and to write and publish a book that anyone can use to learn about traditional herbal medicines and sacred healing arts. If you are able to contribute, please donate using the link below. Follow my Instagram @kemeticsailormoon and Facebook Milena Girma for updates on my trip and small stories. Thank you, family! 
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