Cathy's Leaving gift

Leaving gift
Cathy Whiteley
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ends 21 Jul 2018

  • created by
    Sabah Moran

Leaving gift

Collection for Cathy's leaving COPE at the end of July

  • Trevor

    Trevor Lane posted a comment   24 Jul 2018

    Thanks Cathy for all your hard work in vetting memebership applications and corresponding with editors, as well as helping to streamline procedures. Best of luck with the new accounting career!
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  • Michael

    Michael Wise made a contribution   23 Jul 2018

    Hi Cathy, All the best for your next adventure! Cheers MichaelW
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  • Sarah

    Sarah Gilmore made a contribution   19 Jul 2018

    Bye Cathy, thank you for taking over the mantle of Membership Administrator, especially challenging as the number of applications grew month on month. Have you worked out how many you've handled in your time with COPE? It must be hundreds! I hope you relish your new path in accountancy and continue to enjoy stargazing. Sarah x
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  • Iria

    Iria del Rio made a contribution   12 Jul 2018

    Dear Cathy, thank you for your help and patience in putting the pieces together to improve Membership. All the luck and a bright future!
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  • Sabah

    Sabah Moran made a contribution   09 Jul 2018

    Good luck with your new venture Cathy. Hope it's all you want it to be. Love, Sabah xxx
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  • Linda

    Linda Gough made a contribution   03 Jul 2018

    Linda has made a contribution
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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous made a contribution   02 Jul 2018

    Thanks for all your hard work and patience Cathy. Membership is pretty unforgiving, and you've really contributed to a huge revamp and improvement of the processes! Best of luck!
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  • Daniel

    Daniel Kulp made a contribution   02 Jul 2018

    Thank you for all your hard work and support. I'll miss you. All the best in your future endeavors.
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  • Natalie

    Natalie Ridgeway made a contribution   02 Jul 2018

    Thank you for everything you have done for membership Cathy! It's been a tumultuous few years on membership but you have bern pivotal in helping us navigate our way though it! Wishing you all best wishes for the future. Natalie
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  • Dominic

    Dominic Mitchell made a contribution   02 Jul 2018

    Bye Bye Cathy! It's been lovely working with you and hanging out at the COPE meetings. I hope that future plans in Accounting go well and wish you all the luck for the future! Cheers, Dom
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