Angel wants a gun!

40th Bday Gun
Angel Sisneros
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ends 29 Sep 2018

  • created by
    Melissa Larivee

40th Bday Gun

Hello! I am looking to purchase a large gift for Angel from friends that are attending the party (or those that can't make it). This will eliminate the "What should I get him that he really would like." He has been wanting a gun and I am well aware of exactly what he wants. Which one I get will depend on how much $ I receive and am able to chip in myself. I will put the names of all who donate onto a card so he knows who the gift was from. I will have to give him the gun prior to the party since there are no guns allowed at the party. This way he will also be able to shoot it (since we are going to the range earlier that day - another surprise) and appropriately thank all that chipped in. Please don't feel obligated as I am just trying to get him something I know he will enjoy since it is hard to shop for a 40 year old male. :-) Keep in mind ANY amount will help fund this gift!

  • Michelle

    Michelle Sutton made a contribution   08 Sep 2018

    Bang Bang
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    Melissa Larivee replied to a comment   08 Sep 2018

    Thank you for your contribution Michelle!!! Can't WAIT to see you!
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