Lobo 49

Help the Dogs
SOS Peludinhos (Animal Shelter)
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ends 31 Oct 2018

  • created by
    Antonio Pasolini

Help the Dogs

I am using my 49th birthday (October 12th) to raise funds for SOS Peludinhos, a dog shelter in Vila Velha, Brazil (where I live) in desperate need of financial help. It is a serious project that needs your support! Thank you!

  • Corey

    Corey Sheers posted a comment   13 Nov 2018

    have you tried to collect money yet? ive tried multiple times on mine no response phone disconnected........have u tried to transfer?
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    Corey Sheers replied to a comment   13 Nov 2018

    they paid finally after much pushing
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  • Pierpaolo

    Pierpaolo De Gobbi made a contribution   03 Oct 2018

    best of luck Lobo
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    Antonio Pasolini replied to a comment   03 Oct 2018

    Thank you so miuch Pierpaolo :) Much appreciated.
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