Talia's Ballet & Ninja Class Fund

Ballet Class & Ninja Class
Talia Oberman
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ends 30 Sep 2019

  • created by
    Talia Oberman

Ballet Class & Ninja Class

My house is full of games and toys,
I'm blessed to have more than so many girls and boys.
So if you'd like to give a gift,
Chipping in towards ballet and ninja classes would grant my wish!

  • Marcia

    Marcia Gelbart made a contribution   12 Aug 2019

    Happy birthday, Talia!! We love you so much! Cousins Ben and Marcia
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  • Kiran & Mia

    Kiran & Mia Banerjee made a contribution   11 Aug 2019

    Happy 4th bday Talia!
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Invitees (4)   
Derek Oberman
Ruth Mindick
Kiran & Mia