I'm turning 40 this year and would like to go to Seattle

Send me to Seattle, WA
Bryan T. Hoerber
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    Bryan Hoerber

Send me to Seattle, WA


This year I am turning 40. I have a few things I want to do, but at the top of that list is go to Seattle and visit a few of the museums I've always wanted to go see and the one I have wanted to see the most is the Connections Museum Seattle.

If you know me, I have always been somewhat obsessed with telephones and switching equipment. I always watch videos I find on YouTube of how they No.5 crossbar works, the old step by step switches, the DMS100, and so on. I also like to read the old Bell service manuals. One of my favorite books is "Exploding the Phone".

I also want to go to The Museum of Flight. I've always liked airplaes. I used to build 1:48 scale models and hang them from my bedroom ceiling. My favorite is the Douglas DC-3 in Eastern Airlines livery.

Thank you for your consideration and your help sending me to Seattle.

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    james markoski made a contribution   03 Feb 2020

    Miss you guys! Love you! Go on this trip!
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