Spiritual Direction for Alise

Spiritual Direction for Alise
Alise Durkota
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ends 29 Jan 2021

  • created by
    Stephen Durkota

Spiritual Direction for Alise

Alise is turning 31 and ,in lieu of gifts, I'm asking friends and family if they'd like to help Alise achieve one of her 2021 goals: to obtain a spiritual director. In 2019, Alise completed Younique , a program that helps participants discover their gifts and catch a vision for the ways those gifts could be used to build a meaningful and satisfying life. Upon completion of the program, Alise expressed interest in discerning whether a vocation in spiritual direction may be for her. Obtaining a spiritual director for herself is the first step in this discernment process. No worries if financial support isn't feasible right now; a sincere word of encouragement will be more than enough!

  • John and pam

    John and pam Durkota made a contribution   31 Dec 2020

    Love you so much, Alise! Looking forward to hearing all about this journey
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  • Julie

    Julie Moon made a contribution   31 Dec 2020

    Alise, Happy Birthday! I love you dearly! I hope this year is full of blessings and this gift guides you along your way. You are blessed with so many wonderful gifts and I pray more and more of the world gets to experience knowing you. I love you!
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  • derek

    derek wilson made a contribution   31 Dec 2020

    We love you and are praying for wisdom and direction!
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  • Stephen

    Stephen Durkota made a contribution   31 Dec 2020

    Alise , you are blessing to do many. I’ve loved watching you discover your strengths and I’m so very grateful to stand beside you as you discover the impact you are here to make ! I love you
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