Generate a Website Plugin

embed plugin

Take any campaign to your website

This plug-in allows you to place a 'Shareagift Contribute Button' directly onto any website page or blog.

This feature can be used to raise funds honeymoons or wedding lists, for the funding of local sports teams, funding small projects or local communities.

Step by step instructions

embed plugin

Embed tool

Navigate to you fundraising page, locate the sharing tools and use the 'Embed tool' to bring the options dialog.

Make sure you are logged in otherwise the tool won't be available.

get code

Select the style

You can choose from three different styles:

  • Mini-page: a pinned style card with a picture, campaign title, target amount and a 'Contribute' button
  • Badge: similar to a mini-page excluding the picture
  • Button: just a 'Contribute' button that leads to your campaign page, similar to a Donate button.

Click the correponding picture to generate the code.


Embed it on your website

  1. Select the code from the box and copy it (Windows Ctrl+C or on Mac Command+C.
  2. Go to your website console and edit the desired page or site section.
  3. On the Rich Editor switch to HTML mode and paste the code (Windows Ctrl+V or on Mac Command+V).
  4. Save and preview the page. Make adjustments to the iframe dimensions for best fit.